Office of Alcoholism and
Substance Abuse Services


Patient Advocacy Services

Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
Calls must be made within New York State.

Patient Advocacy (PA) promotes high-quality care in OASAS-certified programs by protecting patient rights and ensuring that services are delivered consistent with regulations and expected standards.

PA helps people in treatment, or their families, by answering questions and addressing problems that cannot be resolved by programs. PA also advises professionals about issues concerning patient rights, treatment services and accepted standards.

All OASAS-certified programs must operate in accord with Mental Hygiene Law and regulations, and other applicable state and federal law. As such, people in treatment have certain rights, and likewise, must fulfill certain responsibilities [see Patient Rights and Patient Responsibilities].

When contacted, PA will address matters quickly and resolve fairly. Most times, a phone call is sufficient. No punitive action can be taken against those in treatment for contacting PA.

Although help is provided to anyone, in general, PA will not assess or refer people for treatment, nor provide direct counseling or services.

Referrals can be obtained by calling OASAS HOPEline at 1-877-846-7369. General information is available from OASAS at 518-473-3460.