Office of Alcoholism and
Substance Abuse Services


Addiction Medicine Free Educational Series

The Addiction Medicine Educational Series provides a resource for obtaining valuable information and knowledge as well as CASAC/CPP/CPS clock hours online in a quick and efficient manner.

Using this web-based exam process, you can study/review any of the courses available, complete the test, submit your answers and receive documentation of your results immediately, all online.

Please note that PowerPoint presentations for most workbooks are available online for training and other applications.

How it works: To take any one, or more, of the Addiction Medicine courses, go to the Course List. Use the PDF icon located to the right of each course title and description to open and download the course to your computer. Once you have familiarized yourself with the course material, you may then enter the Exam Portal to register or log in to take the test.
Registering and taking a test : On your first visit to the Exam Portal you will have to register. Thereafter, it will only be necessary to enter your email address and a password of your own choosing in order to login.

To register, you must have a working and valid e-mail address and you must complete all fields. The address entered should be your home address and the telephone number used should be a number where you can be reached during business hours. 

Once you have registered, you can take the Addiction Medicine test of your choice. 

Upon completing your registration, or logging in, the Exam Portal will open and a list of all courses, in alphabetical order will appear. Click on the “Take the Exam“ button to the right of the appropriate test and the questions will then be displayed. Take your time and proceed at your own speed. However, please note that if you close out of a test before completing and submitting it, your work will not be saved and you will have to log back in and start the test over.  At the end of each test, use  the “Submit” button to send your test in for scoring. In a few minutes you will get a response with your results via email. This will be sent to the address you entered when registering.
If you pass: Your confirmation e-mail will include: your name; the name of the course; the date; the score; and the CASAC/CPP/CPS hours you acquired. This is the only documentation you will receive. Once you pass an exam, you will not be allowed to take it again. Seventy percent is the required minimum for passing.
To get a certificate: Immediately after you submit your test, a screen will appear displaying a button reading "End Test". Use this button to go back to the Welcome Page which appeared when you first registered. Once again, you will see the full course listing. To the immediate left of the course that you have just completed you will see "View Certificate". Selecting this will enable you to see and print your Certificate of Completion.
If you fail: Your confirmation email will include: your name; the name of the course; the date; and a statement that you did not receive a passing score. Since you can only take any Addiction Medicine test a maximum of three times, you will have only two more opportunities to pass a test that you have failed. You will also have to wait 24 hours before re-taking a test. 
What you need:
  1. A computer *
  2. Internet access
  3. A printer **
* If you do not have a home or work computer, your local public library will be able to assist you.
** A printer is only necessary if you want to print test materials, certificates or confirmation emails.