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Governor Announces New Regulations to Crack Down on Synthetic Drugs

DOH has issued new regulations that expand the existing list of prohibited drugs and chemicals to include dozens more substances that are now used to make synthetic drugs.

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Synthetic Drugs

A synthetic drug is a drug with properties and effects similar to a known hallucinogen or narcotic but having a slightly altered chemical structure, especially such a drug created in order to evade restrictions against illegal substances.

Bath Salts

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Drug Training

  • Synthetic Drug Training PackageExternal Link - From the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) - the purpose of this introductory training package is to provide clinicians from a variety of work and educational backgrounds with a detailed overview of synthetic drugs.

Prescription Medications

Nearly half of all prescription drug misuse occurs right in the home when a person takes a prescription medication that is not prescribed for him/her or takes it for reasons or in dosages other than prescribed. The facts are alarming as many individuals do not believe prescription drugs for non-medical use can be harmful. Yet, prescription drug overdoses killed nearly 15,000 people in the U.S. in 2008.

  • Prescription Drug Misuse Clearinghouse - This site includes information on the various prescription medications commonly abused, resources, and tools to assist with raising the awareness about this public health threat.

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