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Medicaid Self-Assessment And Worksheet

Instructions For Outpatient CD Providers:

Note: This tool is for dates of service before July 1, 2011.
For dates of service after July 1, 2011, programs should review the
Medicaid Self-Assessment tool that is available off the OASAS APG Webpage.

OASAS developed the Medicaid Billing Self-Assessment tool (which includes instructions Portable Document Format (PDF) and worksheet Editable PDF File) for providers of Outpatient Chemical Dependence Services. The tool simulates Medicaid billing audits and assists clinical supervisors and program directors in conducting periodic self-assessments of their Medicaid patients’ case record documentation for adherence to OASAS case record compliance standards and Medicaid billing requirements. With consistent and effective use of the Self-Assessment tool, providers may continuously monitor and improve their case record documentation procedures and practices and thereby minimize the potential for significant audit disallowances in the event of a Medicaid audit.

Providers are strongly encouraged to complete self-assessments Editable PDF File as an integral part of the organization’s quality improvement program and to minimize the risk of disallowances in the event of a Medicaid audit. Self-assessments should be completed at intervals consistent with the suggested frequency criteria noted in the Medicaid Billing Self-Assessment tool instructions Portable Document Format (PDF).

If you have questions about completing the self-assessment tool, please contact the Provider Relations Unit, at 518-485-2207 or via e-mail at healthcarefinancing@oasas.ny.gov. Requests for technical assistance in addressing case record quality improvement opportunities should be directed to the OASAS Regional Field Office.

The forms available through this page are in PDF format and can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat® Reader.  If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy by clicking the icon below. 

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