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The Bronx Addiction Treatment Center (BxATC) is an NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) licensed facility, one of 12 addiction treatment centers owned and operated by New York State and located regionally throughout the state. It is a 38 bed facility for adult men, women, LGBT and Spanish monolingual persons. The services provided are designed to address the basic health care needs of each patient while addressing specific physical, psychological and social symptoms associated with psychoactive substance abuse.

We offer an array of culturally competent, patient-centered and evidenced based services to persons over the age of 18. The length of stay varies according to the needs of each patient and the recommendations of the treatment team.

The governance authority is the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) with the Bureau of Addiction Treatment Centers (BATC) directly overseeing our program and eleven other ATCs throughout New York State.

The Bronx ATC is committed to provided high quality, effective inpatient addiction treatment to New Yorkers in need, and to restoring those persons to healthy, responsible, and productive lives as citizens in their respective communities.

In partnership with individuals receiving services, their families and the community, the Bronx ATC will provide an integrated system of inpatient treatment and other services to facilitate the recovery of individuals with alcohol and substance abuse problems. To accomplish this mission, the Bronx ATC will provide the following: high quality addiction inpatient residential services that respect the dignity, cultural differences, and autonomy of those we serve; services in a safe and supportive atmosphere that respect the recovery of all individuals and honors diversity; services which meet client and community needs, are cost effective, and assure ready access for persons who are indigent; a planned, documented series of services which reflect professional assessments as well as patient driven goals and needs.

At the Bronx ATC we view addiction as a treatable disease and stand as a beacon of light for the chemically addicted and their families. It is a place of healing where dignity and respect are restored, hope is renewed, families are reconciled and integration into society with life affirming values is accomplished.