Office of Alcoholism and
Substance Abuse Services


OASAS CFR Submission Requirements - General Information


OASAS requires that all service providers receiving state aid funding for one (1) or more substance use disorder and/or problem gambling programs file a Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR). Additionally, most service providers receiving Medicaid revenue in one (1) or more OASAS-certified substance use disorder programs are required to submit a year-end CFR.

The information in this section delineates the specific criteria OASAS uses to determine the type of CFR a service provider operating a substance use disorder and/or problem gambling program is required to submit.

These criteria apply to not-for-profit service providers, proprietary (for-profit) service providers and those service providers operated by a unit of local government.

Provider Types Affected


For specific information on New York state corporation law, please go to the NYS Department of State website.External Link

More information on Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) submission requirements can be found in Section 2.0 of the CFR Manual.External Link