Office of Alcoholism and
Substance Abuse Services



The Edgecombe Specialized Chemical Dependence Services program provides intensive services to parole detainees housed at Edgecombe Residential Treatment Facility, in Manhattan, for a period of 10-45 days, preparing them for a return to their communities, and engagement in community-based addiction treatment. The facility holds 110 parolees, each voluntarily detained, with the overall service capacity of approximately 1,200 parolees annually.

Edgecombe is staffed by a combination of:

  • DOCCS correctional officers,
  • DOCCS Offender Rehabilitation Counselors; and
  • Treatment Staff of the OASAS-certified provider (Odyssey House).

Parole detainees are individuals who are being detained by DOCCS pending a determination regarding their possible re-incarceration. The services are designed to provide intensive treatment to parole detainees with the aim of returning them to their communities and to engage them in further addiction treatment. All detainees are expected to have a diagnosis of alcohol or substance addiction or abuse requiring intervention and treatment. The parole detainees will be held in the residential facility and will be provided addictions treatment. Edgecombe effectively treats parolees in a stabilization program and upon completion, they are referred to continuing care services consistent with an established treatment plan.

Goals of the Program:

The goal of the Edgecombe Residential Treatment Facility is to positively redirect the behavior of a parolee at risk of being re-incarcerated due to non-compliance with conditions of parole. Utilizing a combination of comprehensive treatment services and intensive parole supervision, the Edgecombe team engages the parolees in developing and implementing a community-based parole stabilization plan. Services are provided to the participants to ensure that continuity of care is consistent with treatment and continuing care plans. DOCCS provides security, maintenance, food services, and medical services to parolees housed at Edgecombe Residential Treatment Facility. DOCCS also provides services to meet the religious and spiritual needs of the parolees.

Treatment of parolees is a complex issue that must take into account a variety of unique issues related to their lives, including:

  • criminal thinking;
  • impulsive behavior;
  • poor decision-making skills;
  • criminal behavior;
  • poor critical thinking skills; and
  • (often) a long history of alcohol/substance abuse.

The Edgecombe Specialized Chemical Dependence Services program enables the parolees to “step back” from the stressors in their lives, reassess their lifestyle, and develop plans for successful community reintegration. The programmatic framework includes:

  • comprehensive evaluation of all relevant domains (e.g., alcohol/substance use, employability, family relationships, housing, mental health);
  • individualized treatment plans;
  • structured therapeutic activities;
  • individualized community reintegration plans; and
  • referrals to community-based services.

In addressing the unique needs of parolees, the treatment environment must encourage parolees to address issues of addiction and criminal lifestyle and to develop new skills and strategies for successful and productive community living.