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If you are a victim of intimate partner violence seeking information, resources and support, visit:

The Institute of Medicine issued a report dated July 2011 recommending that Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) screening and counseling should be offered as clinical preventive services to all women and adolescent girls. National statistics estimate that 50 to 90 percent of women in substance abuse treatment have been or are currently victims of IPV. Often, victims and perpetrators of IPV participate in OASAS prevention, treatment and recovery programs. Identifying victims and perpetrators participating in prevention, treatment and recovery services is important for:

  • improving safety for victims,
  • increasing positive outcomes and
  • reducing relapse rates

On November 26, 2012, OASAS issued Local Service Bulletin #2012-02 The Relationship between Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders for Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Professionals with recommendations for Prevention, Treatment and Recovery providers and professionals. To help support providers and professionals in implementing the recommendations in the LSB, the content contained in the DV/IPV section of the OASAS website covers the following areas:

  • General DV/IPV Information - definitions and links to resources for IPV general knowledge and support
  • Guidance for Providers - guidance for prevention, treatment and recovery providers and professionals about working with IPV victims and perpetrators
  • Identification & Screening - listing of and links to recommended screening tools and recommendations for identifying IPV victims and perpetrators
  • Working with Local DV Programs - links to a listing of local DV programs by county and a guide to linking to DV services and programs
  • Provider Training - resources for IPV training opportunities
  • Workplace Policy - OASAS recommendation regarding workplace policies and a link to the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Model Domestic Violence Policy for Counties.
  • Research - listing of relevant research documents and information