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Intimate Partner Violence - Guidance for Providers

Recent data collected by OASAS indicates that individuals affected by intimate partner violence are not being identified in OASAS treatment programs at the rate the national data indicates. Given the Institute of Medicine's recommendation, rates of intimate partner violence in New York State and strong correlation between substance use and intimate partner violence, OASAS believes that promoting the use of appropriate screening tools and techniques as well as providing guidance and information for prevention, treatment and recovery professionals will improve identification and referral of these individuals. For these reasons and in support of the work of the OPDV Advisory Council, OASAS is providing resources and guidance for our providers for the purpose of identifying these individuals and referring them to appropriate services. OASAS recognizes the importance for prevention, treatment and recovery programs, professionals and providers (practitioners) to:

  1. Use recommended screening tools to help identify individuals affected by intimate partner violence within the prevention, treatment and recovery service system.
  2. Establish working relationships with local intimate partner violence programs and providers in order to refer and/or offer appropriate services to identified individuals.
  3. Participate in continuing education and training about the relationship between intimate partner violence and substance abuse.
  4. Develop workplace policies to address intimate partner violence.

A resource offered by NYS OPDV that all providers should consider having available to individuals and families participating in prevention, treatment and recovery services:

Domestic Violence: Finding Safety & Support: Understanding the Problem External Link PDF Document (English version) - Comprehensive guide for survivors and helpers with up-to-date information about adult domestic violence, safety planning, and getting help from domestic violence services, the police, and the courts by the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. Also available in:

The New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence offers guidance to providers about asking about victimization External Link and asking perpetrators about abusive behaviors.External Link

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers free resources for substance abuse treatment providers that address intimate partner violence and substance abuse treatment. The information in these resources may also be helpful to prevention and recovery providers.

  • TIP 25: Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence External Link - helps substance abuse treatment providers understand domestic violence and the needs of both survivors and batterers. Discusses screening, referral, and treatment; legal issues; and linkages between substance abuse treatment and domestic violence programs.
    • Quick Guide for Clinicians based on TIP 25 PDF Document External Link - offers succinct, easily accessible information to busy substance abuse treatment practitioners. Divided into sections for quick access to information.
    • KAP (Knowledge Application Program) Keys PDF Document External Link based on TIP 25 - presents information to help providers of alcohol and drug abuse treatment understand domestic violence and support survivors. Discusses bonding among batterers, safeguarding important survivors' documents, and client consent forms.

IPV and Substance Abuse Resources: