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New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services


OASAS Certification Application

The OASAS Certification Application is used by service providers, excluding those providers subject to Article 28 of the Public Health Law, to request prior OASAS approval for specific actions related to: (1) the certification of new chemical dependence treatment services or (2) changes in the circumstances under which currently certified chemical dependence treatment services are provided.

The OASAS Certification Application Instructions are in .pdf format and the Certification Application and Certification Options listed below are in fillable .pdf format. These files may be downloaded for viewing and printing by using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available, free of charge, from Adobe Systems, Inc.

The OASAS Certification Application has modular design features for preparation of specific parts of the application based on the type of action(s) being pursued by the applicant. Figure 1 in Chapter I of the Instructions summarizes the requirements for preparation of the OASAS Certification Application. These options are also summarized in the Quick Reference Guide to the OASAS Chemical Dependence Certification Application.

Listed below are various download options which correspond to each action category in the first column of Figure 1. Based on the type of action the applicant is seeking OASAS approval, select the option below that corresponds to that action; the specific sections of the application that pertain to that action will be provided. You may also print out these options for your use in developing the application.

NOTE: It is extremely important that applicants thoroughly review and use the Instructions that are available to all applicants for completing the Certification Application.

NOTE: Instructions listed below are provided in PDF format only.