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Independent Peer Review (IPR) Forms and Resources

The purpose of Independent Peer Review (IPR) is to strengthen and enhance treatment and prevention services throughout New York State, to include the peer review walkthrough component serving as a catalyst for continuous quality improvement. In the context of improving quality, and with a commitment to strengthening the field of prevention, treatment, and recovery OASAS invites agencies to volunteer to participate in the Independent Peer Review process.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) requires each state that receives Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SAPT) funds to develop an Independent Peer Review process that assesses the efficacy, quality, and appropriateness of treatment services. In addition, SAMHSA requires states to conduct peer reviews in at least five-percent of the programs that receive block grant funding and that the IPR process focus on treatment programs and the substance abuse service system in an effort to continuously improve client services.

OASAS supports and accomplishes this goal by means of an emphasis on exemplary practices and quality improvement initiatives identified during the peer review process, and reported in the IPR review instruments. In addition, providers that volunteer to host an IPR have an opportunity to showcase and describe one or more of their program innovations that the peer reviewer could identify as a quality improvement practice. If warranted that innovative practice will be included in the IPR final report with that program will receive recognition for their quality improvement initiative.

Participation in the IPR process will provide benefits to your program and staff, as well as provide opportunities for participants to . . .

  • Gain or share new information, resources, and innovative ideas that will help to strengthen treatment and prevention services:
  • Promote exemplary practices used in your program and/or learn of exemplary practices that you might adopt and implement:
  • Gain visibility and recognition for the efficacious work being done by your program and staff:
  • Earn re-credentialing credit for Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC /CASAC-G); Credentialed Prevention Professionals (CPP); and Credentialed Prevention Specialists (CPS):
  • Help your program and NYS OASAS meet requirements outlined in state and federal chemical dependence regulations.

The links at this website will provide you with all the necessary forms and instructions for participation in an Independent Peer Review process, along with additional resources that could assist in a quality improvement change project.


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