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Retiring Your Credential

Retirement of Credentials

Individuals who choose to retire their credential in good standing must do so prior to the expiration date of their current certificate. The credential will be stamped “Retired in Good Standing “and returned.


  • The credential must be retired before its expiration date.
  • Complete the “Retiring Your Credential Form” located in the back of the renewal application.
  • Include an original or a copy of your current credential which will be stamped “Retired in Good Standing.”

Send the required information to: 

Attn:  Credentialing Unit
1450 Western Avenue
Albany, New York  12203-3526

Once an individual's CASAC or CPGC credential has been retired in good standing, they are eligible to be nominated for Counselor Emeritus.

If you have any questions about retiring your credential, please contact the OASAS Credentialing Unit at 1-800-482-9564 (Option #1) or