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FREE Training for Mandated Reporters

New York State Mandated Reporter Resource Center - NYS Office for Children and Family Services offers FREE online training for mandated reporters in NYS.

These trainings satisfy initial credentialing requirements for CASAC Section 4 and CPGC/CPP/ CPS Section 3 and the one-time requirement for renewal of the CASAC, CPGC, CPP and CPS.

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Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Training Resources

OASAS administers a comprehensive statewide education and training program for alcoholism and substance abuse and problem gambling professionals through its Bureau of Workforce Development's Training Unit.

The Training Catalog includes training, offered by OASAS and its Certified Education and Training Providers, which is acceptable toward satisfying initial and/or renewal requirements for the CASAC, CPGC, CPP and CPS (view Scheduled Classes). Please note that the Catalog includes a number of distance learning providers should you wish to complete any of the course work/training required for initial credentialing and/or renewal outside of a formal classroom setting (view Distance Learning).

Exam Testing Resource Materials

Work Experience Waiver Information

If you are a counselor pursuing a CASAC and you were previously employed by Lake Grove Treatment Centers of New York, Inc. or Crossings Recovery Centers, please note the following information relative to your work experience.

CASAC work experience is verified through a Part C - Work Experience Verification Record that includes your job title, dates of employment, total number of work experience hours, job responsibilities and Supervised Practical Training and is certified by your Qualified Health Professional (QHP) supervisor.

Lake Grove Treatment Centers of New York, Inc. and Crossings Recovery Centers are no longer certified by OASAS to provide chemical dependence treatment services, and it may not be possible to obtain verification of work experience directly from either entity. As an alternative, OASAS will consider your work experience in the absence of sign-off by your QHP supervisor pursuant to a Waiver Request.

Waiver Requests must be submitted to the Chair of OASAS' Waiver Committee, accompanied by a Work Experience Verification Record that you have completed and must include some form of documentation which verifies your affiliation with the program (e.g., pay stub, appointment or separation letter, or other personnel record).

If you would like to pursue this opportunity, it is strongly recommended that you submit your Work Experience Verification Record as soon as possible. For a Work Experience Verification Form please contact the 1-800-482-9564 (Option #2).

Questions regarding CASAC work experience should be directed to OASAS' Credentialing Unit at 1-800-482-9564 (Option #2). Questions regarding the waiver process should be directed to Mark S. Boss, Chairman, Waiver Review Committee, at (518) 485-2317.

Other useful links:

  • Addictions Professional On-line Verification - This online service will verify if an individual's status as a CASAC, CPGC, CASAC Trainee, CPP and/or CPS is current. Additionally, individuals whose credential have been suspended or revoked will be identified.
  • Addictions Professionals Information Change Form - The change form offers the ability to send updated contact information to OASAS (i.e., address, telephone number, etc.). It is strongly recommended that you keep your contact information current so that the Credentialing Unit can provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding the credentialing process.
  • Applications/Materials Order Form - Individuals can submit an online request for a credentialing application or materials.
  • Exam Information - Examination information for CASAC and Prevention credentials.
  • Approved Human Services Fields/Degrees - Offers a list of what OASAS considers to be Approved Human Service Fields.
  • Problem Gambling Specialty Designation Application - Intended for current CASAC's and CPP/CPS's in good standing who meet specific work experience and training requirements.
  • Reciprocity - Provides information on the ability to transfer a credential from or to another state.