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Photo of a family in their kitchen cooking with vegtables and eating healthy together

Nutrition Tip

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, the more vibrant colorful plant foods-bright berries, sunny tangerines, and dark green lettuces-contain important protective antioxidants that help prevent disease and preserve health.

Your Food Choices Are Important

Eating better: it's something we all strive to do, but how exactly do we do it? We'll provide answers and nutrition information for providers and staff, as well as individuals in treatment and recovery.

There are many challenges with healthy eating, including your budget, menu planning, cooking, managing portion sizes, and busy schedules.

  • What does "nutrition" mean?
  • How does addiction affect nutrition?
  • How can nutrition aid recovery?
  • How do you help a patient achieve better nutrition?
  • How do you eat better when working odd hours or long shifts?

Concerned about the use of alcohol when preparing food? Click here for the OASAS FYI: Alcohol and Cooking

Use these links and resources to help you make better nutrition part of your lifestyle.