Office of Alcoholism and
Substance Abuse Services


Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Training Provider Certification


The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health (DOH) is promoting the creation, standardization and certification of course work/training which enhances the knowledge and skills of individuals performing the SBIRT protocol in general and behavioral healthcare settings. Through this certification process, the Learning and Development Unit reviews course work/training offered through accredited colleges and universities, governmental agencies, professional organizations, training institutes, in-service training programs, qualified trainers, distance learning providers and special events/conference sponsors to ensure the qualifications of instructors and appropriateness of SBIRT coursework/training.


In order to become an OASAS Certified SBIRT Training Provider, an entity must meet at least one of the following education and training area criteria:

  • Accredited college or university that provides alcoholism and/or substance abuse-related course work.
  • Governmental agency, professional organization or training institute that provides, on an annual basis, alcoholism and/or substance abuse-related course work/training.
  • Programs that periodically train new staff to become SBIRT certified.
  • Qualified trainers who offer alcoholism and/or substance abuse-related education and training.
  • Distance Learning providers that offer alcoholism and/or substance abuse-related course work/training approved by appropriate certifying bodies.
  • Conferences and other Special Events that offer alcoholism and substance abuse education and information.
  • Note: OASAS certified alcoholism, substance abuse and chemical dependence service providers - all program components must be in good standing.

SBIRT Training Provider Certification applicants must also complete an SBIRT Training Provider Certification Application Packet PDF Document.  The forms necessary for completion and submission, which are part of the SBIRT Training Provider Certification Application are available for download on OASAS' Web Site - SBIRT Training Provider Forms (select Microsoft Word version to type directly onto the forms). For course work/training to be delivered via distance learning, information to address criteria as outlined must be submitted with the above noted PDS forms.

Application Process

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon receipt, Applications will be reviewed to ensure that the: 

Entities whose Applications are approved and determined to be eligible for SBIRT Training Provider Certification are forwarded an Approval Letter and:

  • an OASAS SBIRT Training Provider Certificate and Instructions for obtaining the OASAS Standardized Certificate of Completion template to distribute to participants who completed the approved training(s)';
  • instructions on how to report students completion of the approved SBIRT training(s) to OASAS; and
  • instructions on how to register as an OASAS Certified SBIRT Training Provider in the OASAS Training Catalog to be able to schedule course work/training. (You must register to schedule your course work/training.)

Application Renewal

SBIRT Training Provider Certificates are issued for a three-year period.  Prior to expiration of the certification, SBIRT Training Providers are mailed an SBIRT Training Provider Attestation Form. If the content of the approved course work has not changed, upon receipt of the completed Attestation, SBIRT Training Provider Certification will be renewed.

If there have been changes made to any of the above, the Attestation Form and a completed SBIRT Training Provider Certification Application Packet PDF Document must be submitted for consideration.

NOTE: Only course work/training submitted to and approved by OASAS may be identified and promoted as an SBIRT Training Provider through its OASAS SBIRT Training Provider Certificate.

For further instructions on SBIRT Training Provider Certification, please review the application packet.