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OASAS has approved two Certification entites to certify peers in New York State....


FREE Learning and Development Opportunities

Free training opportunities compiled by OASAS are available which will satisfy the requirements for initial credentialing and/or renewal.


OASAS administers a comprehensive statewide education and training program for alcoholism and substance abuse professionals through its Bureau of Workforce Development's Training Unit.

The Training Unit ensures the development of appropriate and substantive coursework that enhances the knowledge, skills and abilities of provider staff, helping them to qualify for the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), Credentialed Prevention Professional (CPP) and Credentialed Prevention Specialist (CPS); develops, pilots and delivers standardized competency-based training to those staff who provide treatment, prevention and intervention services; trains local trainers to deliver OASAS curricula, evaluates the quality of their training and certifies them to train in that curricula; and reviews course work/training offered through accredited colleges and universities, governmental agencies, professional organizations, training institutes, in-service training programs, qualified trainers, distance learning providers, and special events/conference sponsors to ensure that the instructors are appropriately qualified and the training curricula is in compliance with Part 853 (Credentialing of Addictions Professionals) Regulations.

The Training Unit provides and sponsors training events to increase knowledge and enhance skills in the delivery of alcoholism and substance abuse services.

The Training Catalog is available online. The catalog includes OASAS training, as well as those providers and courses which have been reviewed and approved by the Training Unit as acceptable to satisfy initial and/or renewal credentialing requirements. The catalog offers various search options to obtain information for specific course work/training. The Training Unit continually updates the catalog, as new or revised course work/training information is submitted and approved.